Access technology solutions for your nonprofit organisations


Accelerate your Mission and Drive Impact with Microsoft Solutions

Technology can be a powerful tool to enable nonprofits to be more productive, more innovative, and ultimately help address the world’s most challenging issues and the core objectives that are at the heart of the nonprofit organization.

Many technology vendors such as Microsoft are committed to delivering technology solutions that are accessible, affordable, and relevant for nonprofits everywhere. With technology, nonprofits can extend limited resources and empower employees and volunteers to work together more efficiently and securely. Engage donors and beneficiaries to strengthen support, participation and accelerate the impact of their mission.


Access technology solutions

To help expedite your digital transition, Microsoft launched the Tech for Social Impact initiative, pledging $1 billion in donations and discounts on a variety of cloud computing resources to reach over 300,000 nonprofits.

Building on this program from Microsoft, eligible nonprofits can access a variety of deals from a select group of technology vendors to support their digital transformation programs.

Through the rhipe for Change initiative and our extensive partner network, we can connect you with trusted technology service providers who focus specifically on providing relevant technology and services to help you scale and drive greater impact through the cloud.

Contact a rhipe representative to help you get started, address enquiries related to eligibility and connect you with a partner.