Empowering nonprofits with better technology

Challenges facing nonprofits

Nonprofit organisations play a vital role in advocating for the vulnerable, strengthening communities and delivering essential services. Meeting an increasing need for these services with limited funding and resources, while having to demonstrate social impact objectives are being met, remains a constant challenge for nonprofits.

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What assistance is available for nonprofits?

By joining the program, nonprofits benefit from cost savings across all participating vendor programs.

This means they have more funds available to drive productivity, increase collaboration and improve security so these vital organsations can focus on their core business missions.

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How can technology Partners help?

Sign up to the program and rhipe will connect nonprofits with trusted technology partners like yourself, seeking to cultivate a culture of philanthropy in their business.

We believe by joining forces and working together, we can make a difference and have a greater impact on the vital mission of nonprofit organisations